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Decking And Pergolas Gold Coast

The Gold Coast has the perfect climate for outdoor living. What this means is that decking and pergolas are in high demand. Our team have many years of experience both designing and installing these outdoor living features. Because of our team’s experience in outdoor living, we are the top choice if you need decking or pergola design or installation services.

When you choose our company for decking and pergolas, you can feel confident that we will take care of every aspect of the project – from beginning to end. Our team will design and plan the projects, acquire the needed building permits, and complete the construction of these outdoor living projects. There’s nothing we can’t do when it comes to your Gold Coast decking and pergola needs. Our team will also provide you with advice regarding how to maintain the new structure that have been installed to ensure they remain in like new condition, longer.

Gold Coast decking services

Utilising a timber deck is an excellent way to breathe a fresh modern contrast, that complement its surroundings. It creates a clean architectural vibe, with the premium materials and finishing applied.

At Gold Coast Landscapers, we can create custom decking designs and looks to meet your specifications, including the ‘finishing’ as well. Our specialist experts in decking use sustainable materials and products, to ensure the highest quality decking is provided. We also use all types of materials, for whichever desired finish our clients require – all built with structural integrity.

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Gold Coast Pergola Services

At Gold Coast Landscapers, we also design and build pergolas, to enhance the look and ambience of the outdoor living space. Pergolas create a feeling of a comfortable, shaded enclosure as a structural feature.  We can use different materials such as:

  • Timber and hardwoods
  • Steel
  • Aluminium

We can design them to be as open, or as private as you would like. It can form as an attachment to your home, or as a free standing feature. Roofing can be added, for protection from the weather – designed exactly to the way you like. 

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